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Did you know that crematoriums in Quebec can be built next to your home?

Would you accept that a crematorium or an animal incinerator be built across the street from a daycare or a school? Yet this is common practice in Quebec


Did you know that crematorium stacks emit 10 of the 12 most toxic pollutants, including dioxins and mercury? Let's ask the government to stop this absurdity in order to avoid these unnecessary exposures and risks to health and the environment.


On September 15, 2021, the deputy for Mercier, Ms. Ruba Ghazal, tabled a petition in the Quebec National Assembly to request a moratorium on the establishment of crematoriums near sensitive zones in Quebec.


She also asks the government of Quebec to :

- Recognize that crematoriums are incinerators and that they need to  be subject to the same regulations as incinerators.

- Impose a 1000-meter buffer zone between crematoria and sensitive areas (Schools, parks, homes, daycare).

- Mandate the use of filters for contaminating gases coming out of chimneys.

- Conduct studies to update crematorium legislation.

Here the link to the vídeo

Help the Citizens opposed to crematoriums adjacent to residences and homes (COCARH)

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Crematoriums  SHOULD NOT be installed and/or operated near to residential neighborhoods or sensitive lands.  The current legislation in Québec is inexistent when defining the location of this type of industry.  The lack of definitions has opened the door to multiple industry players to install them near to homes  or even inside residential neighborhoods...

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What we are opposing to?

" There is so much pollution in the air now that if it weren't for our lungs, there'd no be  place to put it all "

/ Robert Oben

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Crematoriums are a significant source of dangerous pollutants and having them close to residential zones creates a threat to our health and quality of life.  There are multiple reasons why  crematoriums  shouldn't be...



Urban crematoriums are being implemented in places where there used to be only funeral salons.  Taking advantage of the location of the latter, crematoriums are also being installed within residential neighborhoods or just a few meters from them.  Most of Quebec's municipals don't know the real implications of this growing industry on the environment and public health,  driving to a lax or nonexistent regulation which allows them to be installed without the due precaution or buffer distances.

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