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Wuhan crematoriums workers overloaded

Updated: Apr 9, 2020

As the COVID19 takes more and more lives, the crematorium industry is overloaded with the numbers of corpses to be cremated. Due to the pandemia, these employees are concerned about getting infected

With a world crisis happening due to the COVID19 pandemia, not only sanitary and medical workforce are overloaded of work in hospitals. Due to the number of people who have died, funeral homes and crematoriums have been working in some cities 24/7 as their facilities are overcrowded of corpses

The Chain of Contagion continues still at the funeral home and Crematoriums. This poses a new threat to residents living near to these facilities

Hospitals and morgues cannot hold the corpses due to the lack of capacity, so these are being sent to funeral homes so they can be cremated. While coffins are also being piled, the chain of contagion does not stop at the hospital but continues until a cremation or a burial takes place.

They cannot keep up with cremation

An example of this chaotic situation, is what happened in Wuhan crematoriums. Their workers were not enough to handle the crisis, so neighbor cities had to send their workers so they could work 24/7. Some workers denounced the stress and safety concerns as some of them also got infected


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