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Facts & References

Cremation has become the choice of the majority of Quebecers.  Since they are owned by funeral homes, crematoriums are often built adjacent to them in residential settings. They do not consider themselves an industry and do not follow the rules of the industry and incinerators.

Although the scientific literature clearly shows that they emit some of the most polluting and toxic contaminants, crematoriums falsely claim that they are safe for the environment and health.

These facts and the ones exposed in the following documents are a source of great concern to us.

Let’s make it clear, the COCARH is NOT against crematoria. We are against operation of crematoriums in residential areas because they pollute the air and the environment were citizens and their children live. We want the law to include a buffer zone between crematoriums and residential homes.  We are for the best practices for operating crematoriums using filters, scrubbers, collectors and monitoring emissions. Since they are incinerators, we want the crematoriums to follow the same rules as incinerators.

Documents, review papers and links for scientific articles that support our concerns are presented below:

  • EXPOSITION PAPER.  Concerning building a Crematorium Zone CA550 Rue Parent (Residential side).  Saint Bruno de Montarville.  (COCARH) - French - Document

  • CREMATORIA EMISSIONS AND AIR QUALITY IMPACTS.  (Robert Forget PhD) - English - Document

  • Projet de Crématorium à St-Bruno - Analyse et discussion.  Daniel Deschesnes - Français - Document

  • La CFDGM persiste et signe.   (Robert Forget PhD) - Français - Document


  • Rapport d’inventaire des émissions de polluants atmosphériques du Canada 2020 - FrançaisLien

  • Toxic emissions from crematories:  A review:  (Montse Maria,b, José L. Domingoa).  Anglais - Document  

  • Crematoria emissions and air quality impactsCentre de Collaboration Nationale en Sante Environnemental - Anglais - Document

  • GUIDELINES ON BEST AVAILABLE TECHNIQUES AND PROVISIONAL GUIDANCE ON BEST ENVIRONMENTAL PRACTICES relevant to Article 5 and Annex C of the Stockholm Convention on Persistent Organic Pollutants .  Anglais. Document

  • The impact of crematory operations on adjacent residential values.  Applied Economics.  Mark D. Agee 
    & Thomas D. Crocker - English  

  • Au Québec, les crématoriums VOUS contaminent sans votre accord.  Mauricio Piamonte - French  PPT   Document

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